Host Michael Pento Talks Media Corruption and The Election of Donald Trump with USAWatchdog’s Greg Hunter


Greg Hunter, Investigative Journalist and creator of helps kick-off Michael Pento’s new show ‘The Pentonomics Program’ with a fascinating interview discussing media corruption.

Greg talks about how mainstream media fraud attempted to elect Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election cycle as they ‘cheated, lied and colluded’ with her campaign.

Greg discusses his exit from the main stream media as it was devolving from providing real news to becoming ‘propaganda media’. Greg explains that even with evidence of spikes in ratings when he would appear on CNN, executives still decided to ‘go a different direction’ when he began to cover the fraud and troubles in the financial markets circa 2007-2008.

Finally, Greg discusses his disbelief with the lack of interest at ABC in covering a story when he discovers major health concerns with ground zero and surrounding areas immediately following the 911 tragedy.

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4 thoughts on “Host Michael Pento Talks Media Corruption and The Election of Donald Trump with USAWatchdog’s Greg Hunter

  1. Always loved listening to you being interviewed by Greg on his show, so I am equally glad listening to Greg as your first guest on your new show Michael. Hunter was never at a loss for
    words. Thanks for beginning another source for informative news. I’ll be looking forward to
    your next interview.

  2. Good guest. But the question, “what is their goal,” wasn’t answered. I think it is that the establishment/ruling class hegemony aligns with the “new Democratic party” far more than an outsider like trump. That alignment is:
    -World wide strict intellectual property rights regime through so-called trade agreements
    -Extension of global corporate supremacy over sovereign laws. ex: over turning eco-laws in favor of profits.
    -Global courts run by corporations.

    Clintonism was committed fully to that agenda, Trump was an unknown.

  3. I watched you on Greg Hunter’s program this AM. I’ve a lot of comentaries on youtube but yours was more informative and easy to follow. I have been in Financial Services over 50 years and at almost age 82 I’m still at a low level. I use your info to offer clients general guidance as well as recommending gold and silver to protect future purchasing power.
    I have only a few clients with larger portfolios that are likely to measure up to your minimum size client.
    As a Born Again Christian, I follow Biblical guidance in financial matters. Please give some guidelines as to size, how you interface with clients and your general investment philosophy.

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